Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to the first post of Bub Talk

Bub Talk was created for those who want the latest and most personal way to announce their new arrival.

Want to let the world know about your new arrival at the speed of email? Just email us a clear face picture where we can clearly see inside and outside corners of the eyes (eyes preferably open), the whole mouth unobstructed (no hands, toes etc.... in the way), choose a script and we will send you an announcement (in flash or wmv format) that you can instantly email to all your friends and family.

We can also have one of our very talented voice actors perform your own custom script and get it too you asap.

Script 1

Script 2

The costs for an announcement with our generic scripts are $ 60.00 (approx 9-10 second clip)
custom scripts by our voice actors $ 80.00 ( up to 15 seconds)
Call us for a quote on any customized project such as a unique video birthday wish from your Bub to their favourite uncle etc.... the only limit being your imagination.

Contact Ray Jordan at A Peek of U 1-800-819-282 email

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